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I enjoy watching the odd game of snooker, only two weeks ago I went to our local venue to see the final round of the Premier League snooker, we had O’Sullivan, Robertson, Selby and Maguire on show and it was an enjoyable evening.

If snooker is on the television I may be tempted to watch, although to be honest, I would only watch it assuming that there was no football or cricket on, also if there was a program that I really liked I would probably watch that first, and if there was something good on Sky Sports news then I would certainly leave that on, assuming that I couldn’t find the remote control then I definitely would watch the snooker…ok, I am not the biggest fan of watching it on television.

However this year’s UK Championships looks like it might perk up people’s interest, firstly it will be the return to UK snooker of one of the world’s best players.

John Higgins has just finished serving a six-month ban for failing to report that he was approached and offered $300,000 to fix frames in 4 separate matches, he was cleared of any match-fixing but brought the game into disrepute by failing to report the incident, Higgins claimed he was scared for his life because he could have been talking to the Russian Mafia (ironic considering today’s World Cup shenanigans)

Also competing in this tournament are 15 of the world’s top 16 players, including O’Sullivan, Murphy, Williams and current world No. 1 Neil Robertson, this is surely the greatest collection of the world’s best players outside the actual World Championships.

Yet that isn’t the reason why I will be tuning in to watch, my favourite player ever has made it through to the first round, he is preparing himself for a battle against an old nemesis and I for one cannot wait to see it.

The reason for the title to this post will become obvious when I tell you that in the first round of the 2010 UK Championships, the standout tie of the round surely has to be…


Don’t let history burden you Jimmy, I know you can do it!

Marcus j. Mitchell

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